Wednesday, May 13, 2009

well well well

isnt matthew johns in a spot of trouble? hes the footballer that, along with another footballer, brought a girl back to his room to have sex with her then other men came in and had sex with her too. six men in total. and now, two years later, she calls rape. i dont know though, i mean she was in a hotel room its not like there was no one around to come to her aid if she had called out. and matthew even said that she was calling men to the bed to have sex with her. it all sounds a bit dodge if you ask me. like while it probably wasnt her fault that she was basically passed around, she was the one that went back to a hotel room with him and another guy. both party faults?

i have a drama excursion tomorrow and im rather excited. we're watching some bretch performance/seminar thingo. at the billie brown studio. yay yay yay.
and OMG guess what? im getting my big bed tomorrow!!! woot!!! mum said it wont be going in my room until ive cleaned it and that i wont have it cleaned (to her satisfaction anyways) by tomorrow but im going to prove her wrong. ive pretty much done everything she asked already. ive cleaned everything up, ive done my washing, i cleaned my wardrobe up. ive just got to vacuum and dust which shouldnt take too long. ive still got to decide where its going. i could put it where my bed used to be and put my bookcase back where my bed it currently, which would work. not a lot of moving either. or i could leave my bed where it is and just move my bedside table to in between my desk and my bookcase but that doesnt really leave a lot of room. in fact my room would be tiny. or i could put my bed where my desk is, put my desk where my bookcase is and put my bookcase where my bed is. a shit load of moving and also then my bed would be under my little window and the sun would wake me up in the morning. and as well the power point isnt convenient for that one. i think im going to go with the first one.
me and mum went shopping for doona covers today cause we have to get all new ones to fit my bed and i found the nicest one, it was white with black, grey and red in a paint-stripe kind of look, but mum said it was too expensive :(:(:( i was beyond sad. and we didnt find any that were even half way decent so i still dont have one which means when my bed comes tomorrow im going to be using my double doona for a queen bed :( oh well at least ill have my bed :)

today was so good. me and sarah had a key to landmark for the day cause her mum works for them. so we chilled in their roof-top spa and sun baked all day. then we shopped for a bit in mooloolaba and sarah got the nicest dress. shes so cute she couldnt pay for it until friday (cause thats when she gets paid) and the shop assistant said it probably wouldnt be there on friday so i offered to pay for it and she could pay me back on friday; she basically didnt stop saying thank you the entire day :) then we caught the bus to the library to pick up my book but then i remembered i didnt have mums library card so we couldnt get it. silly bec. we then walked back to the plaza, visited other sarah, saw rae and jaqui and shopped a bit. then sarah had to go so i went to work and got my hours. nic saw my tragus piercing :S so i have to buy a clear one asap. then mum picked me up, we went and got my book then shopped for doonas and came home.
nutter informed me that grace has a boyfriend. LOL. im going to suss him out tomorrow :) no actually i wont cause im going to be in brisbane :) i will suss him out friday.

well i dont want to fall asleep on the excursion tomorrow so im going to try to sleep now.

ohhh btw the question that sarah couldnt ask me yesterday was just a "would bec date tom?" question from ron ron.

why do let me stay here?
all by myself
why don't you come and play here?
im just sitting on the shelf
why don't you sit right down and stay awhile?
we like the same things and i like your style
its not a secret; why do you keep it?
im just sitting on the shelf

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