Thursday, May 14, 2009


guess where im writting from right now? MY NEW BED!!!!! omg i love it. i dont want to get up ever haha.
today was amazingly great. it started off with qcs and mrs robbin getting angry at me cause i didnt have my pathways to success book which then forced me to sit next to tamela. shes actually really rude. i felt so bad for mrs robbin, micah forgot his pts book as well so moved his desk next to someone with a book and half blocked the isle. mrs robbin the got angry at him and told him to move and he said no cause he wanted to look on the kid next to hims book. she then had to explain to micah infront of the entire class that she needed him to move cause otherwise she couldnt fit through. that would be absoulutely mortifying.

at 8:15 me and jesse left, got our stuff and went to the bus bay. gosh it was embarrassing, my sister was hanging around there with her friends and my entire class was giving me shit for her. then we got on the bus and were off. i was up the front sitting next to naomi with shauna behind me, britta and saskia across from us and claire and alex behind her. sam, jesse, glen and other awesome people were in the middle. the stupid people were up the back, naturally. my seat was broken so every time i leaned on it it would lean back so far that id squash shauna :P it was halarious. me and naomi sung our songs pretty much the whole way. some include last request, disney, michael jackson, soko and taylor swift in the most country voice we could muster :) sam was a bit rude and coughed "shutup" or something then hid behind his seat. immature much. and really hypocritical. he always goes on about how everyone should just be able to do what they want. oh well it didnt stop us. infact im pretty sure we got louder :P there were heaps of funny things like sitting next to yourself, my sisters myspace and making plans for when we grow up :) britta had her bean boolzed jelly beans :) omg these things are great i insist you get a packet of these (they're sold at darrelea and various candy shops) they're so funny for each colour there are two sepparate flavours and you dont know which flavour you've got until you eat it.
heres the list of flavours :)
green - juicy pear or booger
light blue - berry blue or toothpaste
dark blue - plum or black pepper
white - coconut or baby wipes
yellow/brown - top banana or pencil shavings
dark yellow - caramel corn or mouldy cheese
light yellow - buttered popcorn or rotten egg
orange - peach or vommit
on the bus birtta handed them out and it was pretty much a game of russian roulet. i got toothpaste, black pepper, baby wipes, vommit and rotten egg. rotten egg was deffinetly the worst i didnt even eat it i squished it then smelt it and that made me gag. these are serious fun. go get them :)
when we got to billie brown there were two or three other schools there and our uniform looked so ratty compared to them with their blazers and high socks. i still like ours better though. then we went in and i sat next to naomi. a couple of seats down and to the right from us there was a boy with the most hideous hair; he had like animae style wooosh hair, which was fine but then there was this one long rat tail that came down to like his nipple i swear. yuckkkkk. the plays were... omg i dont even know how to explain it. they were amazing. one of the bretchian styles was the idea of alienation so the play was basically ludicris and made no sense. but in a good way not in like a confusing way. and it was halarious. laughs all around. when the play was done there was a qna sesh and the stupidest question came first "what happened?" not even kidding. i want to know how many of the people in there had even studied bretch before they came. it would have been a seriously confusing hour and a half for anyone who hadnt.
then we hopped back on the bus and went to southbank for lunch. me, britta, naomi, hannah, jesse, sam, glen and alex = lunch mob. me and naomi shared a footlong sweet oinion chicken terriaki from subway :) probably the best thing ever. i seriously reccomend it. then we got cold rock. again seriously reccomend it if you've never tried it. then we went to the candy shop. drooooooool. i got two packets of bean boozled and nomy brought me, britta and hannah heart shaped lollypops <3fantastic. we got mrs walgers and mrs johnson to try the beans but they didnt get any bad ones :( then bus trip home. me and naomi pretty much listened to music and slept.
heres the photos :)

i love naomi more than words could say. walking to the candy store.

so many lollipops.kiss kiss.
i love southbank. i dont know what it is about this pathway i just feel good everytime im there.

i want to go on this.
bus buddies.
the beans. get them.

then i got home and my beautiful bed was waiting for me. not set up though. so i got everything out of my room, vacuumed and dusted then put my bed together with help from mum and i havent been off it for more than 10 since :)
pictures :)
de-assembling the bed.
thats how much dust was on the boards of my bed. yuck.

my bed
my wardrobe now holds about half of my room.
the finished product :)

now im going to read the rest of my enlglish novel on my new bed and then sleep on my new bed :)
you're jealous, i know.

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