Monday, May 25, 2009


heres the photos :)
other sarah and sister sarah
sister sarah
laura, other sarah, sister sarah, jamie, brent.
i do love my friends :)
i had the improv part of my drama assessment today. as far as i can tell it went well. i was with jesse and britta which is an amazing group to be put in :) i was jesses girlfriend and britta was his mum, who hated me. i had to tell brittas mum that i couldnt make it to her late husbands anniversary dinner. awkward much. britta was so scary, i would hate for her to hate me.
todayy me and britta also decided that we're doing another rock climb soon. yay :)
i text tom a couple of hours ago and he still hasnt text back :( i think hes probably busy or out of credit though cause its really not his style to ignore people completely. well i hope so anyway. other sarah talked to ron ron for me. this was their conversation:
sarah - has tom said anything about bec since friday night? like he was sober and apparently he maybe said he liked her? although i didnt think he did
aaron - not to me. let bec and tom sort it out though. as far as im butting into toms affairs. he'll be worried about what im thinking :P i learnt this on the weekend haha
sarah - he'll be worried what you think? why? yea ill let them sort it out i was just curious of course lol
aaron - :P yea pretty much. he knows what i think, ive been egging him on for a month haha
sarah - you think they should go out?
aaron - yes and no. tom probably shouldnt. as far as uni and work goes. besides the weekends, thats all he does. i still think he should give it a shot though.
other sarah summed it up by saying that it sounds like tom may want to go out with me but he doesnt know how well it will go with his busy life.
so yea. wowee. honestly i just want to talk to tom. hes the only person that can set everything straight. i need straight right now.
anyways im getting up early in the morning to do my english so ill leave it there.

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