Thursday, April 30, 2009

gossip girl, you have a fan

woweee hasnt this tattler thing started something at school. for people who dont go to my school a person has started a facebook page called tattler and basically posts every single piece of gossip they hear about anyone that goes to my school. its kind of like gossip girl but its just lame cause they take themselves wayyyyyyy to seriously considering most of the stuff they post is lies. let me give you a taste of the crap they right.

*THIS JUST IN!: Some unidentified person in Year 12 MSHS is expecting and keeping it. Tattler is on the look out for another baby bump XOXO

HEARD!:Pannini seems to be searching for MR Right. Whos he got his eyes on? XOXO

HEARD!: a little boy by the name of G-reg "has been said to be sending photos of his nether regions via text." can anyone get a hold of these ? whats next a sex tape... Tattler is eager to find out more.XOXO

SPOTTED!: Is that a baby bump I see Miss KBerri? Well maybe not... YET! Hm Mrs Creed? Tattler does not like the sound of that.

SPOTTED!: 'Little A' the newest on the block hanging down the back oval with 'Bald Guy' - Jessie Sullivan... Interesting choice Little A. Can Tattler smell romance in the air? XOXO

pure and utter bullshit. well not all of it but seriously who gives a flying fuck if marks gay? and isnt it gregs business if he feels like a little sexting? gosh its so frustrating. and there was a post on there about jordyn throwing up in the bathroom with the quote "bulimia is so last year" so then i commented it saying that it was low and that they disgust me so they deleted it and said that its not their fault that low people go to my school and report it and i said that its was them that posted it so dont try to put it back on other people. gosh its ridiculous.

well that was my little bitch.

school was ok. qcs first *vommit* then maths, lunch, drama, english, lunch and legal.
maths was good, even if i did have to listen to tamika and nutter being jealous and controlling over their boyfriends. i seriously dont understand what right they think they have to tell their boyfriends who they can be friends with and where they can go. its ludicrous.
lunch was halarious. i love the boys i sit with :)
drama is always good. in a group with naomi and glen. we perform what we made up today in tomorrows lesson. and we had like a half an hour campfire about tattler :P
english was good. me and nutter laughed more and distracted people again :S
legal was good just chatting and whatnot.
then work. not good. jenny asked me if i was still with my fella and i told her the whole debacle but left out brads name. they were naturally outraged and with many hugs and kisses they told me that i deserved someone who was going to treat me right. i asked sash if she knew how brads date went and she said it went well. then i found out more about the girl. she met him in brisbane last week when he was there for training. she was with her mum and she went up to him and asked him if he would have dinner with her. he said yes. they went on saturday night and he paid. hes never taken me to dinner. i was too angry to not complain about it so i told sash and jenny that the boy that didnt deserve me was brad. they were so shocked it was funny. i thought me and brad were that close to being caught that many times but apparently we are rather sneaky. so yeah i complained to them and even though they love brad they were on my side. sash felt bad for putting her foot in it but i told her im so glad she did cause otherwise i wouldnt have found out.
got home and called maddie, kamara and sarah all of whom werent at home so i cried until fell asleep then got woken up at 9ish with a call back from sarah. after chatting and getting comforting words i got on the net, checked tattler, talked to brad and planned to see him on monday (he was in hospital last night cause he fainted at training) not to mention finding some more amazing blogs that made me feel better.
all in all an average day.
really not looking forward to going into work tomorrow. apart from my lounge room, works the most central brad place. and im always left on my own up the front so theres nobody to distract me from shit thoughts. oh well ill just have to toughen up and take it.

i sincerely apologise for how much complaining and moping theres been compared to stuff thats y'know interesting but i dont want my friends to know how much this is hurting. i dont want to be the girl who was stupid enough to fall in love with someone that everyone warned her about. i dont want to be the girl that gave everything to someone who betrayed her. but i am that girl. and i hate it.
but yes anyways once this is all done and dusted i promise ill be more cheery, less depressing and hopefully interesting.
your patience is deeply appreciated.

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