Thursday, April 16, 2009

death and whatnot

*** i wrote this on thursday and hit post but it didnt post :( ***
so this morning i woke up with my mother telling me that her and grace are going over to gabrielle's house (family friend) for lunch and they will be back later. after almost going back to sleep my brain actually processed the information and i asked from my room when they expected to be back. 4 was the answer. my semi functioning brain made probably one of the best plans ive ever had. brad can come over! so then i text brad (naughty bec, not meant to be using your phone) asking if he wasnt busy and wanted to come over (i may have fallen back asleep before this :P). he wasnt busy but he could only come over for an hour :( but still an hour is better than nothing :) so once my family left i got ready and waited for brad. brad came over and we chilled for an hour before he had to go. then we kissed goodbye, actually no wait i dont like goodbye, we kissed see you later and he left. then i looked up some more photos, watched the oc, claimed two shifts from work (hell yeah!) and took some sunset photos but they didnt turn out so im not going to bother putting them up. i think im going to have to consider investing in some serious photo-editing programs if i want to get anywhere with my photos. which now may be possibe considering my two full-day shifts :) im so stoaked to be working and i get to work with sash and jenny tomorrow who i havent seen in yonks. and i can put my party idea to nic. yay yay yay im so excited.

me and brad talked more about his person who died. it was our friend toms dad :( im so sorry tom. R.I.P mr.w
this lead me down the thought path of death and what comes after that. i have a couple of theories, and even though its completely pointless to think about it since i wont know for what i hope is a long time, i still want to talk about them

well i believe in god but only the heaven part. i know that sounds really rude buts i think its more the point that i know the bare minumum about heaven and even less about everything else. so yeah theres the whole heaven aspect if you repent for your sins then you can go to heaven and have a fantastic after-life.

i find the idea that there is absoulutely nothing after death to be strangely comforting. that everything we do here is as important as its gets, that our actions are all that matters. most people think that its strange.

alright well i know this is lame but i love the ending to titanic when rose died and shes in the happiest moment of her life and she gets to relive that over and over and over again forever and ever. that would be nice.

well where-ever mr.w ends up i hope hes happy.

thats all

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