Saturday, April 25, 2009

money money money

yes i actually have money!! or i will have by thursday (pay day :D) for the massive three shifts i worked last weekend and the one i have tomorrow.

8.5 x 9.75

8.0 x 9.75

3.0 x 19.5

+ 6.0 x 19.5




+ 117.0____


yes siree a whole $335 dollars :) so now im all cashed up and ready to hit the town. but what to do with all this money?

i figure if i make a list i might actually stick to it which means i hypothetically could have some money left over for a rainy day.

first of all i want to pay back my debts

luke - $20

sarah - $20

brad - movie

riley - movie

i also owe mum like $200 but i dont want to pay that back

total = $80

and birthday presents

sarah - roughly $20

sarah - roughly $30

nutter - roughly $40

total = $80

then things i need

winter clothes - $30 - $50

phone money - $50

total = $80-$100

complete total = $240 - $260

so at worst i have $75 left all to myself. and at best $95 :) so really not too bad at all. im thinking i should save abit for my next phone bill cause knowing me ill go over my limit. and ill need alcohol since its lukes 18th in a couple of weeks which will be awesome :) and i want a new ipod. to be specific i want a $120 GB ipod classic (valued at $339).

they're pretty huh?

so if i didnt owe people money and if all my friends were jehovah's witness and if my parents paid for my necessities i would have been able to afford it.
oh well, a girl can dream...
i think it could almost be put under the category of things i need since...
1. my ipod is ancient, like 5 years old.
2. my ipod is only 4 GB and its completely full of music that i always listen to.
3. my ipod cant play videos.
enough said i think :)

well now im off to watch saw v and sexdrive and another movie that mum got.

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