Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i have...

nothing interesting to say. except that i think im addicted to blogging. hence this blog that will really not have much in it at all.
school was average, nothing really interesting happened. nut had a thread from her school shirt caught on her hip piercing that i had to cut it off (the thread, not the piercing) for her. i woke up at 3 AM this morning with chronic pain in my bottom right stitch area (?) and even after taking a pain killer it didnt really stop hurting. it was still hurting when i got up and twice throughout today i had to get iceapacks from the office cause it was hurting that bad. we dont even have ice packs we have ziplock bags with ice cubes in them. can anybody say poor school? the icepacks obviously looked funny so i got asked many times what happened. maths was good i cried from laughing with tamika :)
brad just text me. im not seeing him tomorrow. and that he'll make it up to me asap. fuck.
me and shauna talked for the first time since last term and i found out her and matt broke up. it kind of made me think of their break up being .... i dont know a premonition for me and brad. cause her and matt started dating a couple of months before me and brad. then we found out a couple of months ago that we were both still virgins. then like a week after me and brad had sex shauna came up to me with a cheeky smile on her face and said "me and matt did it!" i was like "me and brad did too!!" and shauna broke up with matt cause he thought he might maybe like another girl.
seeing the pattern im seeing?
so yes maybe thats whats going to happen with me and brad. whenever we meet up that is.
ohhhh and jack talked to me. joy. he only asked if me and brad sorted it out. when i told him we hadnt yet he said ok im going to bed. i hate all men.
me and sarah went to the plaza for zarraffas after school :) it was soooooo good to be able to afford it again.
so yes as i said this blog is full of nothing.
cause brad is taking up literally every spare area in my brain, every stray thought, every moment of my day. gahhhhhhh i just wish i knew, one way or the other. this is killing me.
this picture made me feel like instantly better. i think im going to make one of them tomorrow and put it in my room.

even though i hate not knowing if brad cheated on me and we're going to break up if he did i still feel really... stable i guess is the best way to put it. i know im going to be hurt, i reckon ill probably cry but i think that after that i should be ok. i can accept that things dont always work.
well now my scratch has been itched im going to bed
chat later xx

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