Thursday, April 23, 2009

the report card

ahhhh report card time, one of the most stressful times of the term.
well at least the school is nice enough to wait til after the holidays to get us in trouble from our parents.

so heres the low down
english - B
maths a - C
legal studies - C
drama - C
film and television - B

all in all pretty average.
english is always a B regardless of how much work i put in.
maths i was happy with considering i put about 2 days of actual study into it.
legal studies im actually a little concerned about cause i knew i got a C+/B- on my assignment but i thought id done really well on the exam but considering that i guess not.
drama was a shocker. i was so proud of our performance and all the effort and work we put into it and to come out with a C leaves me confused.
film and television was expected. i got an A for the proposal but i knew my film was bad.
i shall have to have a chat to my teachers when i finally get back to school.

at least my report card wasnt as bad as graces. jeeeeeesus she did shocking. she passed english. thats it. i dont understand how you can fail in grade 8!! on my first report card of high school i had 6 As. not only did she only pass english, she got Es!! it just blows my mind.
and she goes on about how she put the work in, that she cant help it if she isnt smart, that if she didnt understand the work she asked the teachers but that still didnt help and heaps more excuses. but like if you look at her effort and behavior marks (which i got mostly As in during grade 8) shes getting Ds and Es so you cant really believe her.
she is definitely the m.q* of my grade. and is embarrassing. especially since two of my friends sisters are in graces grade. i hate her being connected to me cause she just disgusts me so much. like i hope shes just going through a stage but i dont want to be related to her while shes becoming herself. theres also the chance that this isnt a stage and that the way she is is who she is. i really hope not but its a possibility.

i guess i should probably give you an update on my mouth since i havent said anything about it since the day i came home from hospital.
well the day i came home (monday) it wasnt too bad. the anesthetic hadnt worn off yet so there was no pain but alot of dribbling and mumbling. i had to take a couple of panadol and half a pain killer when i went to bed just so sleeping was comfortable.
tuesday wasnt that bad it was hurting now but it was no where near what i expected. i spent the whole day on the couch with an ice-sock on for 20 minutes, then off for 20 minutes and panadol every 4 hours. when i went to bed i had to take half a pain killer cause it was throbbing abit. brushing my teeth was the worst thing, i accidentally bumped my mouth that many times it wasnt funny.
wednesday has been my worst day yet. i didnt want to eat cause it hurt that bad and even the ice-sock wasnt relieving it. i had to call mum around 12 and ask if i could take another half of a pain killer. so i slept through the rest of the day. when i woke up for dinner it was horrible but i got through it and went to bed early. my face was the most swollen it had been on wednesday as well.
today is no where near as bad as yesterday but i still had to have panadol and the ice-sock on my face all day so i wont be going to school tomorrow :(
i dont think people could really handle my fat-face yet anyway :P or my uhhhh special way of eating. lets just say its not the nicest thing to watch. and talking still hurts and im not really understandable.
so yea no school yet :(
ohhh and when i find my camera ill take a picture of my ice-sock. and a picture of me in it :) its something ill tell you that :)

theres a gathering at sarahs tomorrow night and i really want to go but if i cant go to school then i probably shouldnt be going anywhere. but i really want to go!! and brad should be invited and it would be fantastic to see him and to have him meet everyone. and seeing everyone would be great. i miss people.

well yesh thats all :)

*m.q are the initials of someone in my grade who doesnt come to school and if she does she doesnt do her work, wears bad make-up and ill-fitting clothes, she drinks and does drugs every weekend, she sleeps around, she used to turn up to school high or drunk, she thinks she is the greatest person around and that everyone wants to be her. basically i hate her and i can see grace becoming her.

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