Tuesday, April 21, 2009


well once i get back to school ill be in year 12 second term and its bound to be a bitch so ive made a list of things that will hopefully get me through it. so here it is.

1. morning routine.
ive come up with a routine for when i get up for school that will get me in the mood for school and learning and being awake and not stressing. here it is:
- shower; 10 minutes
- up-beat, happy, dancing music; 20 minutes
- uniform; 2 minutes
- blow dry my hair; 10 minutes
- a form of exercise (whatever im in the mood for); 5 minutes
- breakfast; 10 minutes
- brush hair and teeth; 10 minutes
- make up; 10 minutes
- pack bag; 5 minutes
- socks, shoes; 3 minutes

no doubt this will be adjusted once its been tested :)
but yea im thinking having a set routine will get me to the bus on time therefore not rushing about, making me stress. the music should put me in a great mood since i have great music and the exercising releases endorphins which make me happy :)

2. join the library.
reading takes me into another world, away from all the mess and whatnot. which therefore involves me joining the library which ive been meaning to do for a while now. i already have a list of books that i want to read:
- the book thief
- the orphanage
- on the jellicoe road
- the day after tomorrow series
- as she climbed across the table
- trix
- voyage to the end of the room
- look at me
- martha peake
- something, maybe
- marcelo in the real world
- annie john
- the bell jar
- beloved
- the boy in the striped pajamas
- boy meets boy
- breakfast at tiffanys
- catalyst
- a certain slant of light
- a child called "it"
- the colour purple
- elsewhere
- flowers for algernon
- the geography of girlhood
- the girls
- the host
- i am the cheese
- if you come softly
- just in case
- keeping the moon
- the kite runner
- letters to a bullied girl
- lush
- me talk pretty one day
- memoirs of a teenage amnesiac
- memoirs of a geisha
- the memory keepers daughter
- one flew over the cuckoos nest
- perfect
- the perks of being a wallflower
- the rest of her life
- running with scissors
- so b. it
- thirteen reasons why
- the kite runner
- to kill a mockingbird
- we need to talk about kevin
- when crickets cry
- wintergirls
- you maybe

as you can see i have been working on this list for ages :)

3. op shops.
op shopping is great :) its cheap and i feel good giving money to charities and you find one off things. i just need to find a buddy to go with cause everything is improved with company :)

4. making things.
i love making things :) its like an extension of my mind :) and normally i only make things for people so then i get stressed and disappointed if it doesnt work out so im going to make things just cause i can that way i wont get sad if it doesnt turn out great. and this way theres no time limit and some of the things might actually turn out good :) which i could then give to people which also makes me feel good :)

5. live music.
live music is great. well duhhhh right. but i dont really go to many concerts. and i always feel exhilarated after them so i figure the more i go to them greater i feel :)

well thats what ive got so far anyways.
i may come up wtih more as time goes on.

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