Monday, April 20, 2009


today was the day that i lost my wisdom
wisdom teeth that is :)

another early start (7:30) but it wasnt as bad. i felt fairly nervous but its more that i dont like hospitals and since i was going under i was worried i wouldnt come back up. but i did :)
when i got there i had to chill in the waiting room. i so wish id brought my camera, hospitals are such interesting places with interesting people. though i doubt they would have turned out well i was shit scared. they were ready for me at eight. i got weighed *sigh* and got asked lots of questions about medical stuff. once that was all done i got a hospital bracelet (that i could keep) and numbing cream on the back of my hands so that it wouldnt hurt when he put the IV in. then i had to hang around for around an hour before they were ready for me to get ready to go into surgery. the lady took me to a room. well i use the term room loosely since it only had one wall and the rest were curtains. then i had to get changed into one of those hospital gowns which are ridiculous. i have never felt more exposed in my life, not being able to wear anything except my under ware. thats right i couldnt even wear a bra!! then i hopped into bed and the lady came back and asked me more medical stuff and set up my heater blanket. these heater blankets are fantastic they get a tube and clip it into the hole and the tube pumps warm air into the blanket :) then mum came in and she was more nervous than me haha. the dr young came in and ran through everything with me. i really didnt want to hear what was going to happen but he told me anyway :/
it would have been around 10 when two nurses put the arms up on the side of the bed and wheeled me away. it actually looks like in the movies if you stare at the lights going above you :) they wheeled me into another room where i got to chill for a bit while this rude nurse put sticker things on my body which she hooked up to wires. very sci-fi right? then dr young came in and put the IV in my arm :/ it hurt so bad, he had to put a needle in my arm that a tube could fit through then he put the tube in :( not good. he put the happy juice in my hand and then i pretty much instantly passed out.
i woke up in the recovery ward around 12 with my mouth packed with gauze, the IV still in my arm with the ladies smiling me from the desk. i chilled there, drifting in and out of consciousness for about half an hour. then they brough me my clothes, drew the curtains and let me struggle with my clothes in private. once i was finally dressed they moved me to another room, took my OBs and gave me an icypole and apple juice. eating the icy pole was probably the scariest part of the whole thing. i licked it and it was covered in blood. i thought i was bleeding but it turns out that it was just dried blood. it was gross eating the red lemmonade icypole. i managed to drool all over myself but the nurses didnt mind :) then mum came and got me and we went home. then i watched movies and slept.
eating is halarious i dribble everywhere and i cant figure out if im biting the food or myself :) talking is great as well i sound like a down syndrome child :)
ohhh and maddie stopped by :) i offically love her she made me a card and wrote me a note and gave me my christmas present from last year. she made me a calendar with our picture on it :) shes my favourite i tried talking to her and we just ended up laughing. her card said "dude you still have your wisdom" she made my day.
and then me and brad fought through myspace status *rolls eyes* i changed my status when i saw him come online cause i wanted him to be the one that started a conversation and he changed his to "tried to talk to you all day n even now i dont get an answer" and his mood was "ova trying" my phone was out of service cause i was in the hospital so that means i dont get messages or calls. and its not like he tried to talk to me either. and he hasnt tried. so yea that put a damper on today but oh well things will work out. they have to.

photos shall be up if theres actually something to take photos of cause at the moment i jus look alittle puffy.

well im serverely tired and starting to hurt so im going to get some food, have half a pain killer and go to bed
nighty night

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