Sunday, April 19, 2009

social butterfly

yes thats what i have been over the past few days.
i went to rileys for a couple of hours but it was shit so I got a ride home with ricky and haden via maccas :) yumm mcflurry :) so then i went home and slept.
work on friday was fantastic except from having to break my pattern of sleeping in til the afternoon everyday. i dont think an 8 o’clock wake up has ever been so hard. i got to work just in time (as per usual) and discovered that i was working with jess, chloe, nic and fiona. turns out i got my days wrong and sash and jenny don’t work saturdays and sundays, they actually don’t work fridays or saturdays :( but still i was stoaked to be working with jess and chloe cause they are my favourites as well :) so many funny things happened i dont even know where to start. the door incident is probably what caused everything else. just as nic and fiona came off break and jess went on hers nic came up to me and chloe and asked if we had seen any younger kids in the shop since her and fiona had gone on her break. we had a kids shoe sale on that day but we hadnt seen many kids in a while which is what we told nic. she then led us out to the back room and showed us the side of the door that faces out onto the alley to the car park. it had hideous graffiti on it; some obscene tag and a really shit drawing of a boy with a hat on. vommit. they could have at least done interesting graffiti goshhhh.
so yes that all got reported to the police and whatnot. if they ever catch them i would shake their hand cause their graffiti caused what happened after that. so once jess finished her break me and chloe went on ours. I went over to the plaza, paid my $180 phone bill :S then bumped into maddie who told me one of the greatest things ever; she got a phone!!! omg!! for people who dont know maddie shes my age and her parents wouldn’t let her get a phone. but she won one in one of those vending machine stack-em games!! nobody ever wins on those things and she won the one thing she actually needed!!!! so stoaked. anyways ill stop going off target and get back to the point. after talking to maddie for a bit i left to get food for lunch and bumped into zack and we chatted for a bit. then i finally got back to work and went to the back room. chloe was in there and i went to open the door but jim (our area manager) was on the other side, spraying graffiti cleaner on it so we couldnt have it open. i sat down next to the door and could instantly smell the cleaning stuff which made me a bit light-headed. after that everything that was slightly funny was immensely funny to me. i couldnt stop myself laughing once i was going. it was awesome :) like when chloe was trying to get someones yoghurt into the fridge it wouldnt shut properly so after trying to slam it shut several times she opened the fridge and the piece of fridge that holds the stuff in the door in place fell off and everything that was there rolled all over the floor. this sent me into hysterical bouts of laughter, rolling on the floor, holding my stomach. then nic came in cause she could hear me and after looking at the scene laid out before her she shook her head and went to leave. as she shut the door to the back room a stray orange had made its way to in between the door frame and the door causing an orange explosion when nic attempted to shut the door. making me laugh even harder :) then about 10 minutes later jim stopped cleaning the door and poked his head inside and said “i think i made it worse” he swung the door in-wards and what used to be two separate and medium sized pieces of graffiti had turned into one huge grey blob. this caused me to laugh for another 10 minutes :) it pretty much went down from there. jim went over to the plaza and brought me a coffee even though id already had one on my break. me and jess found jumpers with a ‘touch me’ sticker on them which we wore :) until jim made us take them off :( and plenty more halarious happenings (?) basically it was a great shift.
ohh and brad called work (cause we work together) and i answered the phone and once i knew it was him i got flustered and couldnt actually think *blush* schoolgirl much haha.

then dad picked me up cause its his weekend and we got out stuff from mums and went to his house. when we got to his house there was a woman sitting on our couch. she got up, hugged me while saying “gosh it must have been five years since ive seen you” me, her, dad and grace then chatted for about half an hour before i called naomi and maddie then when i came back out she gave me a present. its this really nice necklace (which she made) and showed me pictures of people she knew then one of my nan and then one of her memorial plaque. we then chatted for a bit more. then i went to my room and read for a bit before going to sleep. AND I STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHO THIS WOMAN IS!!

saturday at work was chloes birthday so i came in extra early (8:30) and decked out the backroom with streamers and whatnot. then chloe came and even though she pretended to be angry i knew she was pleased :) then into our work and i dont know what nic was thinking cause the jobs that were meant to take me and chloe 2 hours took us 4 :S sarah visited me at work to invite me to alistairs birthday but i was already going to naomis so i couldnt. then i hopped in the car and dad took me to nomys. the woman that was at dads house was in the car and even after chatting with her for the entire car ride i have no idea who she is. naomis was brilliant as per usual. we made hot fun buns (hot cross buns, naomi and bec style) from scratch which actually turned out good :) and we played singstar which is the best with her. funny moments include…
- laying your legs up
- naomi laying on her knee
- nuggetty man
- taking 2 hours to make the fun buns
- dividing the dough into thirds then fifths instead of just 15 pieces
- creamy yeast
- yeast infections in naomis eye and hair

- 2 and 1/2 cups instead of 1/2 a cup
- washing up the vommit bowels
- naomis hairband/bed hair
and many more :)

today we had fun buns for breakfast, amber and rowan dropped by and we laid our legs up :)
then i got ready for work. i got to work at 12 and found out that i didnt start until one so i walked around the plaza for an hour. there was a perfume stall that i looked at and the man gave me a sample of the nicest perfume. my wrist smells so good :) he said to me “a pretty perfume for a pretty girl” :) then work which was good. i finally got to work with sash which was great :) when i saw jess she came up and gave me an intense hug and apologised over and over again for yelling at me at the end of my shift yesterday. i deserved it which is what I told her and she just kept on apologising :) shes a cutie. then there were these stupid people at the very end of the day. they came up to the door and when it didnt open they knocked on the door. i told them through the door that we are closed and went back to whatever i was doing. they then pushed the automatic doors open and walked in. when you push the doors they break so jess started telling them off for touching the doors and they said “oh we didn’t touch the doors” bullshit. I told them that we were closed (again) and they said “oh well we’ll be quick then” 10 minutes later they finally brought their stuff up to the counter. I hate those people!!
then i went home.

now you’re up to date :)

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