Saturday, July 18, 2009


sorry for the boring title.

anyways today was pretty much my only day of exam block. so i got up early, studied for maths then had to run so i didnt miss my bus. me running is unco enough, i kind of wave my arms everywhere and bend down when i run normally, but imagine me with a school bag and my beastly laptop bag. yepp.
so i got on the bus, got to school and did my maths exam. i dont know how i went cause i actually found it... not easy just not hard. and i finished 5 mins early which has never happened before in the history between me and maths ever. so yea i either went well or completely fucked it up.
then i went to semi-memorize my legal speech. then i recorded my legal speech. then i saw other sarah (just having come out of her japanese exam) and we chatted. i told her about the brad thing and she said "this is my angry face" while pulling her angry face. she wasnt very impressed but she said that if i am truely happy with brad and me and him work out a way to make things work between us then she'll support it :)
then i gave my laptop to mrs. richter to watch my speech on. i felt so bad my laptop was playing up something chronic so it kept on freezing and stopping. but she marked it so thats all that matters. then i watched maddies and omg it was so good. A definitely maybe even A+. then torys and even though she read her speech it was still way good. then we left and i told maddie about the brad thing. she didnt openly say no but i could tell. then she left and me and sappho chilled for a bit and payed out on my sister from like 10 meters away.
then sappho left and i met up with sister sarah. i told her about the brad thing and received a similar reaction to other sarah. then we chilled on the grass outside I block and ate snakes :) then britta joined us and we listened to funny songs on both our ipods while sister sarah wrote a list of songs we need for the car trip to schoolies :)
then mum came to pick me up to take me to work and we gave sister sarah a lift to the plaza. brad was working but we couldnt talk much cause we had been so busy that day and pretty much everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. therefore leaving nic in the shitest mood. but oh well i didnt really feel like talking i actually felt like working for once.
then home and mum and grace went to gabrielles for a while. brad came online so i changed my myspace status to "home alone and bored" haha isnt lame how i communicate through myspace statuses. but he didnt say anything so i ended up just chilling by myself.

then i called kamara cause this morning i told her i had news but i didnt get a change to tell her. so i told her about it. she talked about jackson for a bit. she is really in love with him. it makes me sad cause shes just not going to get anything from it :( ever.
brad came back online later and we talked for a bit before he had to go pick up his drunk friend.
ron ron called me just before (drunk of course) and invited me over. when i told him i couldnt get there he said tom would drive me. then i heard tom ask who was on the phone and then ron ron hung up. so im guessing that he was trying to get me and tom together again. now i dont know what to do cause i told tom like two weeks ago that i wanted to be "friendly" but now i dont. but i dont want to just come out and say "hey by the way i dont want to get with you cause i love brad" cant imagine that would turn out well at all. gosh. it would be just my luck that when he finally decides that hes okay with being friends with benefits that i cant. oh well its worth it if i get brad.
i realised something before. when me and brad meet up to see how everything is between us im going to have to tell him about cheating on him with tom. i couldnt not tell him. shit.
so hey maybe i can be friendly with tom cause brads most likely going to never want to talk to me again after i tell him about it.
silver lining to a friggen huge storm cloud.

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  1. thanks for the commentopinion (:

    good luck with brad!