Wednesday, July 22, 2009

end quote

"im in a war, of head versus heart and its always been like this. my head is weak, my heart always speaks, before i know what it want to say."

"we can fight our desires, but when we start making fires we get ever so hot whether we like it or not. they say we can love who we trust, but what is love without lust? two hearts with accurate devotions and what are feelings without emotions? i hang my hopes out on the line. will they be ready for you in time? if you leave them out too long they'll be withered by the sun. full stops and exclamation marks, my words stumble before i start. how far can you send emotions? can this bridge cross the ocean? lets go to war to make peace. let's be cold to create heat. i hope in darkness, we can see and you're not blinded by the light from me."

i like these ^^

today i worked. i probably shouldnt have agreed to work but oh well. got there 10 minutes late :S woops. work was okay. we had a jacket sale start today and we were sold out by like 12. on my break i chilled with other sarah and her friend whoose up from tassie gordan (pronounced jeourdan or yordan or something) then back to work. we had nice customers today, i think i like working on weekdays better, the people are on their days off and they arent in a rush.
then i came home and gave grace her birthday presents. i got her make up remover, silver ball studs and a silver anklet. she was happy :)
i chatted on the net to nick and zack for a bit. and not to brad even though he was online.
now im blogging.
i havent done my drama assignment (the script and analysis) and it was due today. im just that good at time management :S

well thats all ive got to say really. my lifes just boring at the moment. oh well its better than complicated.
heres the photos from mels :)

just got in there.

the only photo ive ever seen where i look more sober than someone else.

other sarah ron ron me.

even though me and sarah look like fatty-boom-bahs in this photo i still love it :)

steffen <3>

we're so rebel; you say "cheeze" we say "schoolies crew" :)

well now im going to bed. cause i dont care about failing, or mrs. johnson absolutely mauling me in class tomorrow

im cooler than vanilla ice in the antartic :)


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