Sunday, July 26, 2009

i have a pimple on my neck

and it really hurts.
just in case you wanted to know :

so onto the last couple of days.

friday. school was okay. i was late coming out of the lockers and so was maddie so i walked up next to her to wait for her and realised she was crying :( she wrote me a note in legal and told me her parents are getting divorced :( cheer up maddie. its so shit though cause they havent even told maddie she read her mums diary after she noticed that her parents had been whispering a lot. i dont really remember the rest of school so nothing too eventful could have happened. ohh except that ben asked naomi out on a date :) LOL ben texted her saying "wanna hang out sometime maybe saturday night?" so naomi replies "yeah sure" thinking he meant a party or somethig but then he textes back "how about maybe dinner and a movie?" LOL LOL LOL.
work was shit. brad didnt say anything that wasnt work related for the whole three hours that we were working together for. so i was shitty at him for being shitty at me. then i got a text just before i finished work saying that there was a thing at hadens but as i went outside to call dad to tell him i wasnt coming but he was already sitting in the car park :l
so i went to his and went straight to bed. good father-daughter bonding time there.

saturday i got up and went to work. work was fantastic i was working with sarian :) i had to undo more dyetags and the box was out the back so i chilled out the back with sarian on his break :) we talked about heaps of stuff and he even offered to have a party at his house for my birthday :) hope it actually happens aye. just like the work crew and the sarahs obviously but that would still be the best birthday ever :) and i asked him if brad had said anything to him on friday (cause they worked together before i got in) and he was like "nahh not really i think he was just worried about his dad" and i was like "his dad?" and hes said "hasnt he told you? his dad went into hospital last week." so now i feel real bad for being so rude. and i want to know how he is.
then i went home and got ready to go to hadens cause he was having another thing :) sarah picked me up, we went to pick up ron ron and reiss from reisses house, then we went to toms house to pick up their drinks, then we went to hadens. haha it was so good we were in the car on the way there and other sarah said "were you guys drinking before i picked you up?" and they were like "yepp" and she was like "yea i can smell it on you" then later on she was like "are you drinking in my car?" and in unison ron ron says "yep" and reiss said "no" i love those boys :) we got to haden and there was lots of fun there :) it was so good to chill with the creek boys again i hadnt really seen them since steffs. we played four kings. man is that game intense :) ohhhh other sarah told me and sister sarah that she doesnt love nick anymore :( epic sad face. so shes going to break up with him (obviously). i almost started crying at one point cause riley asked me how my holidays were and i started thinking about mum and everything but i stopped it :) ron ron and reiss were giving me shit all night for "christening the lanos" as they put it :) ron ron kept on asking me "bec wheres tom?" and i would be like "i dont know" then i got drunk and asked ron ron "ron ron wheres tom?" gosh im good :) and sarah asked me how i was feeling at one point and i said one word "tom" LOL :) haha luke hit on me at one point (but whats new really) but he was so obvious it was ridiculous. he grabbed my hand at one point and started skipping so we skipped and he led me to the bathroom, pulled me in, shut the door and turned the lights out. and i was like "umm okay what are we doing in here?" and hes like "i have to piss hold my drink" and i was like "well can i hold it outside?" and hes like "no just stay in here" but i was like "no im going to wait outside" so i walked outside and lukes looked at me and said "you're real pretty" and i was like "aww thanks luke" and hes like "sexy?" and i said "nope" and hes like "gorgeous?" and i was like "awww thanks" and hes like "has that got me in?" not obvious at all luke. then tom got there and i met his friend from england adam. hes real cool :) me and ron ron had rolling competitions :) it was genius. me and tom didnt do anything but there was this amazing... sexual tension is really the only way i can put it. like the whole "if we were alone" vibe. it was quite nice cause it didnt feel one sided anymore :) then hadens mum kicked everyone out at 12 so we went to lukes house via boat again :) before luke said that me and the sarahs could stay at his we were trying to find somewhere to go and sister sarah said to tom "you should take bec home with you" good job sister sarah. but we went back to lukes and his parents werent home thankgod :) we were tired so we went to bed pretty much straight away. me and sister sarah stole lukes bed so luke and other sarah were on the bed on the floor.

sunday. other sarah told me that her and luke kissed. not good. but i mean its not like i could really say anything. she was so sad and angry and dissapointed in her self i didnt really need to say anything. she teared up at one point :( we dropped sister sarah home, got ready at hers and then went to the plaza. OMG - tangent - sister sarah made coconut and liquer icecream and it is amazing :D:D:D okay back on track. we went to the plaza, got zarraffas and maccas for breakfast, chilled with corbo then went to work. i was feeling really quite great so work was good. chloe got in at 12 and she was crying :( her friend told her that her boyfriend was cheating on her. he clearly had no clue what he had. she deserves so much better. so we ate chololate and bitched about men all day :) then i went home, slept and text brad asking if he was okay. he said that he was and that his dad was out of hospital. then i said that that was good and he didnt text back. even though it wasnt even a real conversation, it felt really good. i dont know what kind of good but still good.

and now im going to bed.
i really dont feel like school tomorrow.
infact i may pull a sickie.
then i would have no days of school this week cause ive got sports days on tuesday and friday, wednesdays off and teachers strike thats actually a qcs day on thursday.
i think thats a genius idea actually :)
maybe blog tomorrow morning :)

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