Thursday, July 23, 2009

bridget parker

today on neighbours when they were showing the aftermath of bridget parkers death i cried. i mean i bawled my eyes out. wept. sobbed hysterically. i couldnt breath, i was dizzy, i got a headache.
all over the death of a character in a soap opera.
okay she was my favourite character, and its "that time of the month" but really! wtf! i mean come on! man up! rub some dirt in it!
i dont get it.
i hate how being a teenager makes you havBolde so many emotions, its really rather shit. i wish we could all just turn off all our emotions, just leave the drama, the bitching, the heartbreak to the soap operas. i think we would all be much happier that way.
well thats my little rant.
im going to bed for real this time.
kiss kiss.

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