Thursday, July 23, 2009

jerseys soon

OH-EM-GEE we get our senior jerseys on monday :0 only about 2 months too late. but oh well im still excited.

today was pretty lousy.
i woke up late and ran to the bus for the third time this week.
got to school and had a semi-parade then qcs. nutter was in my class but after not even five minutes she was kicked out for talking. we did pretty much nothing then when i met her once the lesson finished she had gotten herself changed into jakes qcs class. it is insufferable how obsessed she is with him. dead set she doesnt have a life outside jake. i miss my nutter. then maths which is when her obsession is at its worse cause tamikas also in the class and has a similiar disease to nutter so thats all they talk about. and the things that they do!! like tamika reads todds messages!! its intense. and they were talking about shanes birthday and nutter hasnt been invited but jake has and she said (and i quote) "well if jakes going im going i dont care if im not invited" fuck thats rude. and hes automatically invited to my birthday as well cause we were talking about it and i was saying that its going to be hard to get some people there and nutter said "well jakes driving me so im all good" i so felt like saying "ohh so hes good with waiting in the car for a couple hours then?" but i didnt i was the good best friend i took it. its not so much that i dont like jake but its my birthday i should really have a choice in whoose invited. actually, no, i take that back i do have a problem with jake, i might as well not be there when hes around, nutter completely ignores me and makes me feel like im intruding. i dont want to be ignored on my birthday, i dont want to feel like that at my own party. i just want nutter for one day. and if hes invited im probably going to have to invited todd, shane and jackson cause otherwise jake wouldnt come and then nutter would be angry at me. and if i invited them that means that alyssa will probably have to come too cause shane and alyssa have the same mental condition that nutter and tamika have. so right there thats five people i dont want. i think i might have to say something when it gets closer. that should be a fun conversation :/
then lunch and drama. it was so sad mrs. johnson started talking about our drama performances on tuesday night and she was saying how dissapointed and stuff she was then she started crying :( so then i nearly started crying cause she was just so devestated that some people were unprepared and others didnt even turn up and shed put all this effort into it. it was so sad :( and we got a new girl, her names tyra and not to be a bitch but shes kind of bizarre looking. shes a little big and like my height and she had the bleech-blonde hair but the regrowth has started coming through and she has scabbs all over her legs. we were actually doing work in drama today so i didnt get a chance to talk to her. im hoping i look back on this first impression and change it.
i feel asleep in english :/ woops. nutter didnt turn up to english. jake was away today so im guessing in her spare she called him and got him to pick her up and she hung out with him for the rest of the day.
in legal i got moved down the front for talking :/ woops.
i went to the plaza after school with the sarahs. we met jamie, rae, jackie and others in bar connections for a bit then me and the sarahs went to cotton on cause i wanted to show them my dress. its like a grey singlet on top then a little lower than my boobs it turns into a black skirt. its nice but where the singlet turns into the skirt is a bit too low so i either have to buy a belt or pull it up a bit. either way its still okay. so i brought it :) then other sarah went to work and me and sister sarah went to juice4life and she introduced me to one of the greatest things ever. they get cut up strawberries, cover it in cream then put two pieces of shortcake on it and cover the whole thing in icing sugar <3yummmm :) then we visited brentiles at work and did cinema checks with him. then me and sister sarah did grocery shopping for her and then she left. i still had about half an hour before my bus came so i went to work to see everyone. brad and jenny were working (and later i discovered megan was too) so i chilled up the front. brad pretty much didnt talk to me. like i was making all the conversation and he would just give me one word answers back. so i chilled with jenny instead. LOL i was standing on a rolly-rack and she started wheeling me around on it :) i love her dearly. then i left, bussed home and was watching the oc when seths mum came over. i know that i shouldnt but i still hate her. i hate what she put seth through, that she made him move without saying goodbye or anything. the dinner and then i fell asleep agian. good work bec.
now im meant to be doing my drama cause i told her id left my usb at home.
but im downloading music :) it was quite pleasant in drama today sam grabbed my ipod and he didnt instantly abuse me about the music on it unlike he has every other time. maybe hes growing up :)
even though the fact that brad not talking to me probably means that he doesnt want to get back together, which is a good thing, it still hurt. i dont know if im just being stupid cause i want brad to want me or cause im worried that we cant be friends at all. im working with him tomorrow so that should be... interesting.
well i may actually start my drama now :)
or just find more shit on the internet. either way.

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