Tuesday, July 21, 2009



i did my drama performance today. it was... acceptable. not great but not bad. so im okay about it. everyone elses was amazing.

graces birthday today. she got her belly-button pierced and some other things. im getting her present tomorrow.

this made my day:
Aaron says:
hahaha, obviously
Oi bec, question...
WTF was Tom thinking when he moved the Lanos the other night haha
He didn't want to be interrupted... so he MOVED THE CAR 2 METERS ACROSS THE ROAD
I tried to get him to explain his logic in the morning, but he couldn't.
bec says:
hahaha well i thought we drove for like ever so i didnt question that i asked whether he knew how to get back
Aaron says:

we are just too good :)
anyways im going to bed cause im exhausted after drama.
night xx

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