Monday, July 20, 2009

i have some new loves

ive been downloading loads of music to make my new massive ipod feel more full.
and in doing so ive discovered some real gems.

firstly: lisa mitchell
yepp the chick from australian idol a couple of years back. i know normally australian idol is a joke but shes moved on from there and has her own album and what not. and i like her voice. they way she's kind of constantly breathless just sounds so... i want to say sexy but its also something else, i dont know what.
anyways heres some lyrics.

Incomplete Lullaby
"i was just about to call, there was flowers on the ceiling. you left me feeling like a fading voice, like a closing door, like a dozen lies and a dozen more.
the stars looked like burning sparks, the lights were warm but chilling. you left me feeling tired. could not close my eyes, on fire but frozen inside. to run or to hide. speechless my words could not melt. whisper i wanted to shout. with out you i felt like a fleeting thought. like a double eight. like a gentle fear of a warming taste.
Like a setting sun. like a last goodbye. like an incomplete lullaby."

Alice in Wonderland
"sometimes i feel like alice in a wonderland, chasing rabits, cheshire cats and mad hatters. a better world well it don't really matter. well day breaks and life is as dark as the room. the air is laced with sweet perfume. what is it about morning light that makes everything feel alright? alright. well it feels like i have just woke up in a world where down is up and up is a long way from here. in the big wheels where they keep on turning they don't slow down they just keep on learning. well my name's not alice but i know how she felt when her world started turning into something else."

All i Know
"and my heart leaps out of its bars. will tomorrow be much worse? is this love a blessing or a curse? and all i know is that i'll never let you go i'll never let you go i'll never let you go."

A Little Ramblin Blues
"so once i had a little house in the country babe in the country. i was living in the country with you. the man down the creek wore funny little hat and he wore little buttons all down his back. and little did he know he really had the girl and he gave it to the neighbours cat, to the neighbours cat. and the neighbours cat wore the funny little hat all day."

secondly bonavon frankenreiter
cool name huh? all of his songs are so different theres pop ones and accoustic ones and so much everything in between. ohh and hes got a sexy voice, it makes him sound like he would be a hottieeeeee. and he writes love songs <3

Move By Yourself
"sometimes they can't forget, orget just what you've got. but don't ever be no, no, somebody that you're not. when there's a choice you've got to make do what you feel, don't hesitate. you know i will never, never forget what a friend said, his words keep ringing in my head. he said don't stop doing what you believe in don't let them put you on a shelf you've got to move by yourself, move by yourself tonight."

By Your Side
"i got word today. a friend gone done me wrong and that's alright 'cause bad thing don't last long. they made me believe, believe they were my friends but I'm not blind, blind, to see it end. but you know what i'm going to be just fine 'cause i'm going home tonight, i'm gonna be right by your side. it's gonna feel so good, i'm gonna be right by your side."

"make me an offer i can't refuse. make me an offer where you won't lose, i said you won't lose. my heart is tremblin minus two for your love ain't no deal i want to lose. i said no i dont want to lose. everytime you walk out that door i just love you more. baby won't you stay here with me. everytime you walk out that door i just love you more. baby won't you stay here with me, stay here
with me yeah. if i let you borrow my tomorrow would you just stay with me today?"

thirdly björk
now i only like one of her songs. it just... explains everything. and its big band :) so here it is.

It's Oh So Quiet
"it's. oh. so quiet. it's oh. so. still. you're all alone and so peaceful fall in love. zing boom. the sky up above. zing boom. is caving in. wow bam. you've never been so nuts about a guy, you wanna laugh you wanna cry, you cross your heart and hope to die. 'til it's over and then it's nice and quiet. but soon again starts another big riot. you blow a fuse. zing boom. the devil cuts loose. zing boom. so what's the use. wow bam. of falling in love. it's. oh. so quiet. it's. oh. so. still. you're all alone and so peaceful ring the bell. bim bam. you shout and you yell. hi ho ho. you broke the spell. gee, this is swell. you almost have a fit. this guy is "gorge" and i got hit. there's no mistake this is it."

fourth, fleet foxes
their voice is really.. haunting is the best way i can describe it. and then they have like chinese intruments of something making jolting, high pitched noises. major contrast. and their lyrics are really... difficult to understand cause they're so deep.
different singing style. different musical intruments. different lyrics. different is good :)

Oliver James
"on the way to your brother's house in the valley, dear. by the river bridge a cradle floating beside me. in the whitest water on the banks against the stone. you will lift his body from the shore and bring him home. Oliver James washed in the rain no longer."

Anyone Who's Anyone
"is there anything that i can do? all my sympathy it went to you. i heard you were looking so strung out, smiling and tumbling down. the seasons will change, the things you perceive, the company will keep disturbing your sleep. it's so much better in the sunlight. i'm just a little mirage."

He Doesnt Know Why
"penniless and tired, with your hair grown long. i was looking at you there and your face looked wrong. memory is a fickle siren song. i didn't understand. in the gentle light as the morning nears. you don't say a single word of your last two years. well you will be, you've reached the frontier. i didn't understand, no. see your rugged hands and a silver knife. twenty dollars in your hand makes you hold so tight. all the evidence of your vacant life. my brother you were born. and you will try to do what you did before, pull the wool over your eyes for a week or more. let your family take you back to your original mind. there's nothing I can do there's nothing I can say."

The Lucksmiths
so i used to be in love with them forever ago and ive since renewed my love. they're just cheezy and nice :)

A Hiccup in Your Happiness
"the start is the hardest part. to step inside and announce a newly broken heart. and louise, you’re ill at ease, you bite your thumb and tug your skirt below your knees. and it hurts even more than you thought. the words get caught and sad as you are, you’re glad of the wine you brought. i’ve no idea what you need to hear. my mother used to say “there’s always next year” but please don’t despair, louise. today will end and your heart will mend, if by degrees. and it hurts even more than you thought. and it feels like forever just now. but one day you’ll look back on this. as a hiccup in your happiness"

Adolescent Song of Mindless Devotion
"i'd sail the driest desert, i'd walk the wildest seas, i'd swim the highest mountain, i'd swallow chalk and swear it was cheese, if you said please. i love your diamond lips, i love your rosy-red eyes, i love your cheeky cheeks, i'd tear the stars out of the midday sky, if you said 'hi'. i'd help you walk through the window, i'd sing to you beneath your door, i'd change my name to matthew and be the welcome mat on your floor. because i la-la-la-la-love you. and i na-na-na-na-need you. and i wa-wa-wa-wa-want you. to be ma-ma-ma-ma-mine.

T-shirt Weather
"there’s my bike looking dusty. the spokes are broken and rusty. but i’m happy to walk. i’m happy with anything today 'cause i’m out in the sunshine while my friend’s at home asleep. i guess that’s just the downside to the money he makes and the hours he keeps. and i say hey, it’s a beautiful day and i’m starting to feel a lot better so wake up, wake up. it’s t-shirt weather."

Smokers in Love
"in the early morning, when you wake each other up, coughing like you might not make the afternoon. you keep the curtains closed and you carry off a conversation but you both know that it’s still far too soon to say you’ll be ok. you keep the curtains closed and you hide behind the newspaper. you got yourself some nicotine in the nick of time. and even though the weekend doesn’t really make much difference you spent thursday on your backside whistling “friday on my mind” super-supine. smokers in love. happy and hungover on the first day of october. struggling to remember the last night of september."

well even though i havent many more i think thats entirely enough.
today i went to school to practice my drama. claire was there to do the same and i was quite surprised that she actually wasnt really prepared at all. its really unusual for claire. then i practiced naomis lighting and media. hers is so good, its really shocking. and her media is wow. then i pretty much chilled with britta for the rest of the day. it was great cause we chatted for the first time in ages. she told me some really shocking stuff about her home life. if she hadnt said anything i never would have guessed. her dads pretty much blind and he quit his job. and he just yells at her all the time over nothing. and her mum drinks herself silly cause shes lonely. and her sister freya is pretty much annorexic, she has the same warning signs that jordyn had. i think its amazing that shes so normal and happy and stable when all thats going on. especially when she doesnt talk about it to anyone. i know that i would go insane if i didnt talk about my stuff with people. i love her dearly. then i chatted to david for a bit but it was kind of awkward :/ then home and i napped before coming on the net.
and now i think i should probably go to bed cause im going to be at school from 7:30 AM til probably around 8 PM tomorrow for drama.
wish me luck!

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