Thursday, January 21, 2010

OMG I can't believe I haven't blogged about this!!


I got into my first preference too!!
ARGHH I'm so stoaked!!
I stayed at Sarah Jeans the night before so that she could be with me when I got my offer in case things didn't go well. The morning comes and I go to login and... I don't have my friggen QTAC number! ARGH! So we rush to my house. I swear that my computer was being extra super dooper slow that day but eventually the website comes up. Sarah Jean was doing her makeup in my bathroom and told me to get her as soon as it comes up. It came up and... there it was! My uni offer! The one I wanted! I tried to call out "Sarah" but it sort of came out as "Saaarah...?" She came out and I couldn't even talk, I just looked her her with complete shock on my face. Then she looked at it and we both SCREAMED. Man did we scream. And hug. Ahhhh best moment this year.
We also went to see The Princess and The Frog that day. Gooooood movie :)
The next day me and Sarah Jean went down to Brisbane to see her new place and our new unis. Man I'm so jealous of where she is living with Marcus. They live no joke across the road from Carindale shopping centre. As in you walk out her door and you can see the car park. And Marcus, when he's being Good Marcus, is great. Carindale is just wow. So friggen big. No Zarraffas though :( We couldn't go into my house cause Christine works days but we did get to see the outside. It's not bad, not nice, but not bad. Good for the price I'm paying. Then we went driving to my campus. Do you remember how I said that I was going to bike to uni? Yeah that plans failed. When we were driving there we started going up one hill and I was like "It's okay, it's okay, I can handle one hill" Then we get to the top of that hill and see and even bigger hill. So we start laughing. Then we get up to the top of that hill and we see... and even bigger hill, again. FML. So yeah given up on that idea, going to take the bus. My uni, mannnnnn. Ohh it's so homey! It's like nestled in a forrest completely cut off from civilisation and it's not flashy or too modern which is just my style :) I got my ID... ugh but oh well that's the way they are meant to be, right? Then we went to Sarah Jeans campus. Hers' is bigger and flashier and newer. It's also great :) The drive from home to Brisbane wasn't actually that bad, it only took an hour and a half :) The drive home was shit, peak hour traffic :(
Maddie had her 18th brunch the other day. Twas also fun.
I really haven't got that much to say otherwise.
Arghhh Mum is raging again. She's making me clean up the bench before I leave tomorrow. We both know (or well I hope she knows) that that means they'll be transferred from the bench to my floor.

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