Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Guess who...

has a place to live in Brisbane!! I DO!!
I'm living where Jamie used to live (I don't know if I mentioned this but Jamie has moved back home, is going to Uni here and is studying something different!). I'm so stoaked cause while moving in with a stranger wasn't going to stop me from moving to Brisbane, I feel so much safer living with somebody that is recommended. Christine is part of the womens group that Nellie goes to, and Jamie liked living with her, so that's pretty much all I need to know! Rents $140 a week, including electricity and fully furnished. Agreed the bus routes suck, like hardcore suck but oh well this is just my chance to get healthy! Haha yeah right. But there really isn't any other choice.
I could....
- walk 1 kilometer to the bus stop, catch bus number 1, walk 50 meters to the next bus stop, catch bus number 2 and then walk another 1 kilometer to the uni; approximately an hour all up.
- walk 4 kilometers to uni; approximately an hour.
- ride a bike 4 kilometers to uni; approximately half an hour.
So obviously the bus is a whole lot more effort for little gain. Except! What if it rains? That would be aweful! And I would have to carry my epic Uni textbooks. Mum said she would buy me a bike with a basket on it, which could work... except in the rain!
What I think I'm going to do is ride my bike with my Uni textbooks in the basket except on the days when it's raining , when I will catch the bus. Depending on Sarah Jean I may be able to pay for lifts cause it would only be a slight detour to go via my house and my campus to get to her Uni from her house. And I would pay her of course.
But I have a place to live! And Christine seems really nice :)
Once (not if) I get accepted I'm going to go look at my place, then move in :)
Win win win.

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