Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not fashionable, just more fashion

So I know the time for making New Years resolutions has well and truely passed but I have one I would like to add.
The thing is I'm not quite sure how to phrase it. I want people to like what I wear is as close as I can get to describing it, I think. I want people to compliment me, I want guys to notice what I'm wearing (because I look nice, not because my boobs or ass is hanging out), I want to feel pretty. I want to take more notice of what I wear, like other people do. I want to give myself a little bit more money to spend on clothes so that I can have nice things. That's it, I want nice things. I want to feel nice in what I'm wearing.
So before I go to uni I'm going shopping :)

Oh yeah and happy Australia Day too :) I did the typical Aussie thing, beach and Triple J Hottest 100 :)

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