Monday, January 4, 2010

keeping busy busy busy

So Uni Offers come out in 10 days. Eeeeeeek!! To destract myself I'm keeping busy. My theory is that the busier I am the less I'll think about it.
So tomorrow theres a BBQ at Kamaras house then hopefully me and the Sarahs are having a chill session with Rhysiepoo and co. that night.
Wednesday I might see Brae.
Thursday I'm working.
Friday I have no plans... yet.
Saturday I'm working and have Joshes going away party that night.
Sunday I'm presuming me and Sarah Jean plus maybe/hopefully Sister Sarah are hanging out.
No plans Monday.
Tuesday is Maddies 18th brunch.
Wednesday no plans.
Thursday here comes my Uni Offer!! Well if everything goes awesomely anyways.

Wish me luck.

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