Thursday, February 25, 2010

Orientation day 2

More uni today! We actually did like drama stuff today which was really good. It reminded me of drama at school so much, it was nice to have something familiar :) The class got put into two groups because there was too many of us, which apparently is strange because the class normally has like 20 students or something. Luckily I got put with Alex, Angie and Ri (the two girls names I couldn't remember the other day) as well as Anastacia and others. Our first workshop was with Lil. Most people think she's scary but I don't, I think she's great! We went through relaxing exercises to loosen up our body, it felt so good :) Then we got put into groups and had to go from being a seed to a flower as a group. We'd done that in drama at school already so I was pretty cool with it :) Also it meant that the touch barrier was broken! I had known these people a day and I was holding hands and having people lay on top of me! It was fine though :) Everybodies performances were so good!! We got lots of praise for ours though, which was good :)
Then morning tea and omg there was carrot cake :) Then back in with... shit he's my main lecturer and I can't remember his name!! Well the Brittish one (think of how easy it'll be to listen to him for hours on end!!) lead the next workshop. We played a game of reactions where whatever he said we had to the opposite of (e.g. stop mean go). Man that game is fun :) Then we got into pairs and ask the other person three questions. Then we joined another pair and had to introduce the other person as though they were going on a blind date. Then we got put in a big group and had to introduce our person as somebody that should be eaten as we were stranded on a boat out at sea. Epic game :) Then we had to make a still portrait of "The Best Family" I was a lesbian Aunt haha. Then we had to make a still portrait of "The Worst Family" Twas quite fun :) And we played numbers, but only to 11 thank god.
Then lunch and I made more friends :) One of their names was Donovan but that's all I can remember :S Then back to hear about a thing the third years do. Basically they get a director, audition for parts, and get to be in a real play. Like a real no joke, performed at the Metro that the public comes to see play. A real play!! That's insane!! I can't wait!! I'm going to try to get Sarah Jean come see it with me if I can't get someone from uni.
When I had to catch busses back home I got really stressed because I had forgotten to write down what busses I had to catch and when they came. I hardcore hated on Brisbane for a bit there. And then thinking about what the thrid years were doing that would be so amazing to be a part of but also thinking about how much time I would have to spend away from the Coast. Then I realised that even with the performances for my course I would have to spend so much time away from the Coast. The lecturers had been saying that because of how intense this course is we would end up living, breathing, being, the course/our characters. I'm so scared I'm going to loose my Coast friends. I'm not going to go well here if I'm not happy and I need friends to be happy and I'm sure that I'm going to make friends here but surely they couldn't compare to my Coast friends?! I just seem to be going in circles and there's no real answer to any of my questions. I also got really passionate about theatre and everything and sort of exploded on Brad trying to explain how I felt. It went along the lines of "While it's still school it's also like training for what I'm going to do for the rest of my life as a career but it's more... hmmm it's like who I am, it's a part of my personality, it will be a part of all aspects in my life. If I'm good at it hahaha" I think I summed it up pretty well. I'll work on it a bit more but yeah that's the main gist.
More to add on my hating of Brisbane, Christines microwave is epic. I've managed to burn mi goreng and mac and cheese in it. I didn't even know you could ruin simple food like that.

Anyways I'm going to stop complaining because I've only been here less than a week and I've got to give it more of a chance.

Going back to the Coast tomorrow. YAY :) I don't even care that it's going to take me 3 hours and 10 minutes, I get to see my people again :)

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  1. heyy bec :D

    do you go to qut KG?~
    i'm at GP (:

    i hope you're able to make up your mind on your course... worst case scenario, you change it mid-year or at the end of the year. i still don't know what i'm gonna do, come 2011~ GOOD LUCK!