Sunday, February 21, 2010

i survived!

So I managed to catch the bus-train-bus successfully :)
I had the best weekend, it's definetly made me want to be able to come back here as much as possible.
Friday I chill banged in Centrelink for three hours. Man I hate it there. Then I met up with Sister Sarah and we hung out before going to her house to drink with Ron Ron and Adam. The rest of the boys were meant to come but they dogged. It was still really fun though we played Questions and we were all like really open and honest but it wasn't awkward at all :)
Saturday Ron Ron was really legendary and drove me to work :) Work was actually really good it was just me, Katie and Gail on so it was real chill. Then home and napping before picking up Sister Sarah and going to Adams. Man Adams was fun :) So drunk. I tried to push Adam in the pool and almost fell in myself, Riess taught me how to play blackjack, Cheyenne had vodka that smelt, looked and tasted like detergent, we danced, we did a Maccas run, Cheyenne ate 4 cheeseburgers and a large fries, we made friends with the Maccas security guard, Jayden kept calling to try to get me to come to where-ever he was until he had everyone abusing him and Tom pretending that me and him were getting it on right there and then, Adams parents caught me and Tom making out and there was probably heaps more stuff. Tom was being really sweet all night. He told me I looked really good :) At one point he said something that came out wrong and I got upset so he spent the rest of the night trying to make it up to me :) I found his "spot" that turns him on (nibbling his ears). Man that was fun to play with :) We talked about the whole baby thing (I got spotting on Saturday so therefore not pregnant!). Tom still wanted to have sex even though I had spotting because he had read that it's meant to be amazing for the girl if they're on their period. I argeed because it was just spotting not like a full blown period. I know some people are probably cringing right now and before it happened I would have been too but it really didn't make much mess or anything. We laid towels down too because we didn't want to stain Adams sheets. Oh and... we did it with the lights on!! It actually wasn't that bad at all, in fact it was kind of good :) He said I was beautiful :) And we tried reverse cow-girl. Man that's hot. And we attempted standing up sex but it failed haha. Then he left because he was going to Movie World with his family the next day. I love that he still does family day even though he lives in Brisbane now :)
Today I just chilled at home once Ron Ron dropped me home. I'm meant to be cleaning my room here because apparently it's not fit to be left in the state it's in. My room still looks exactly the same. I'd better get on that.

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