Monday, April 12, 2010

hectic hectic hectic

Dear Blog,
I am so so so so so so sorry for neglecting you since I started uni, I just really need to pass.
So here is a run down on my life for the past roughly two months I'm guessing.

I got a job at Zarraffas and quit Rivers. It was the saddest thing. Still waiting on my party but I only quit like a week ago so that's understandable. I don't really like working at Zarraffas at all. The people don't talk that much and the job sucks. But it is a job, which I do need, so I'll just stick it out until I can get a better job.
Unis been good but really hard. And it's not really helping me get any closer to what I want to be. See I sort of went to uni to figure out what I wanted to do with my life but it's just sort of made me more unsure. I almost quit uni a couple of weeks ago but I've decided to stick it out until the end of semester so that I can at least say that I tried it. And I'm trying to like Brisbane. I really am.
Christine is great. She's a really good housemate and we have really good conversations. I've decided she's about 36 which is crazy because a) she doesn't look it and b) she doesn't seem it. In a good way :)
Centrelinks given me $5000 for living out of home so I'm gonna buy myself a car as soon as I get my licence which will probably be a lot sooner now.
Me and Mum have had some chronic fights lately. I've been staying a lot more at Sarahs when I'm on the coast because of it. Ange even got me chocolate for Easter because she's amazing :)
I spent Easter with Sarah's family and it was the best Easter I think I've ever had. We had crossiants for breakfast and chocolate then me and Sarah took the boys to see How To Train Your Dragon. So good. Then epic dinner :) I love their family, I don't think I've ever felt more at home :)
Everyone is turning 18/is 18. And it's making me depressed. I am literally going to be the third last person I know to turn 18 and the other two people aren't people I like drinking with. Fuck life. Sarah Jean turns 18 in one week from now and it's actually making me so upset that I feel physically sick. Then Sister Sarah turns 18 in May. Fuck life even more.
I really love my uni friends. This girl Caitlin wants us to move in together because she needs people to move in with. The house is close and I wouldn't have to pay any transport but I don't think I know her well enough to live with her yet. I have met some of the best people at uni. They are amazing. And all the boys are either gay or ugly *sigh* but that's okay because I get to walk past all the tennis courts and the ovals every day :)
Me and Tom went through a really weird stage where things didn't seem to be going well but I think we're back on track now :) He wants to be friends too! We talked a little while ago about how we weren't close friends and he said it was because he was too scared that he would either start liking me or it would begin to feel like a relationship but now he wants to be friends and hang out without it leading to that :) It's sort of failed so far though because we both have no time but at least we plan to meet up, which is a start :)
Sarah Jean likes this guy Matt who works at the IGA with Namomo and Britta. They are mega cute together and he likes her too but they don't want to jump into anything since she lives in Brisbane and he lives on the coast. We've actually been hanging out with the IGA crew a lot lately. They are mega fun :) Riley liked me though and since he's found out that I don't like him he's gone all strange :( and Lachlan has hit on me that many times, even when he had a girlfriend. He's a bad drunk. But he's still fun. We even drank at mine when Mum was there :0 That wasn't that much fun, she's a bit of a party pooper.
Sarah Jeans 18th is this weekend and I get to meet her really good friend from Tassie :) Mega excited, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to introduce myself to her as "Hey, I'm Bec, and we're gonna be best friends." I'm mega excited to meet all her other family as well so that I can be fully adopted into the Wademan clan :) And I have things to wear :) Me and Sarah Jean have done mega shopping in the past two days to find things to wear. Problem now is that I have two skirts that I love equally. *sigh* I'm a little worried about Brae coming but things should be fine.
Ohh Todd update!! Tamika and Todd still fight over Sarah Jean :) Every time Todd goes for a walk Tamika is convinced that he is going to see Sarah Jean. Even though she lives in Brisbane now!! I don't think I mentioned it but I epically abused Todd the last time he told Sarah Jean he didn't want to be friends anymore. He was mega mean when he said it, it was epically rude. So when I was drunk I started texting him and abused him. He tried defending him self and I abused him. He tried getting angry and I abused him. He tried appologising and I abused him. Then I ended it with "Me and Sarah are a team!" Best texts I've ever sent by far :)
Sister Sarah just came back from Japan, I haven't seen her yet but I bet she's had an amazing time.
I finished my first ever uni assignment yesterday. Felt so good. I was meant to do more today but I need to hear back from my lecturers first *sigh* Shame too cause I'm in a really productive mood.
My and Rhysiepoo are like brothers now. No joke he is one of the most amazing people I've ever met. I love him. We hang out all the time for hours and just talk it's so good.
I went to the beach for the first time in God knows how long over Easter. Best thing ever. It made me feel so much better again. It was probably the last time I'm going to get to go to the beach this summer :( It's sad when summer ends, it just never seems like things are going to get better, only worse. But it will not be like that! Because I live in Brisbane and things happen all the time in Brisbane, not just in summer like the coast!

... I think that's everything. Well obviously not everything because otherwise this post would be months long but it's everything that's important.

I promise I will at least try to post once a week from now on!

Love xx

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